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Excellence in:

Time Management
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Goal Setting

Has your career or business turned
into a big challenge, costing you
money and peace of mind?

Are you clear on your problems,
but solutions are puzzling?

Then read on and in the next few minutes, I will give you some time management, teambuilding and goal setting tools that executives, human resource management and line staff from the companies below -- and many others I have helped -- used to increase profits, reduce turn over and improve morale.

Are you seeking guidance and help on:

  • How-to motivate yourself?
  • How-to motivate your employees?
  • Effective techniques for powerful teambuilding?
  • Cutting edge time management secrets?
  • Clear steps to improve your human resource management?
  • Goal setting that gets you and staff results?
  • How to be an effective executive?
      Partial Client List
  • Stanford University
  • Farmers Insurance
  • The Modal Shop
  • Merced College
  • Ernst & Young
  • Autodesk
  • Chemonics International
  • Hi-Tek Corp.
  • Global Dosimetry
  • State of California
  • City of San Jose
  • City of Sacramento
  • County of Sacramento
  • Natl Bank of the Redwoods
  • Natl Steel and Shipbuilding
  • Breakthrough Seminars, Tokyo, Japan

If so, I can help you and probably faster, easier and for less money then you think.

"I want to take a moment to thank you for the exceptional work you have done for MHN over the years as a consultant and trainer. Our clients appreciate your insight, expertise and professionalism when dealing with their sensitive personnel and management issues."
Paul Newman, Manager, EAP Training, Work & Life Services. MHN

Poor Human Resources Management Cost Billions

Articles in Harvard Business Review, Forbes and Wall Street Journal speak to the devastating effects of poor leadership, communication and human resource management. Problems including retention and turn over, defective products, lower productivity and worse yet, conflicts, anger even accidents and lawsuits that cost companies billions.

Does this sound a little like your company? Or one you want to avoid?

Join me, and I'll show you how-to take action now and improve your company or department.

Is Your Job At Risk?

According to a recent Newsweek article on Leadership for the 21st Century, increased attention on bosses people skills has led to less tolerance (by boards, share holders and employees) for bad leadership than in the past.

Boards are scrutinizing how effective you are in your soft skills. This includes your teambuilding, communications, time management and goal setting for you and the company or departments you lead.

I will help you be a better leader, enhance your people skills and advance your career.

"Sabrina has been in the field of working with individuals and organizations for well over 30 years and participated in thousands of hours of continuing education courses. In addition to her academic training, has trained other professionals, and continually challenges her peers to keep up with her personal professional development program.

You'd be hard pressed to find anyone more qualified, experienced, or skilled than Sabrina."

Dr. Patricia Wiklund, Principle Wiklund and Associates.

Career Development

Are you doing something you feel passionate about? Would you like to make it great?

You can learn to clarify your vision and focus, use goal setting and communication, to turn your potential and human resource management into highly functional teambuilding excellence.

I am a consultant with over twenty-six years expertise to help bringing out the greatness in you, and to you create successful teambuilding, goal setting and human resource management. As an executive coach, motivational speaker, and human resources consultant and trainer; I have the unique ability to discover what you need and design a teambuilding, time management, human resource management or goal setting program that will keep you focused on the outcome you want.

Increase Your Profits, Results & Fun

How would you like to reduce your turnover, absenteeism, boost job satisfaction, and improve your conflict resolution skills?

Do you know you can increase business profits and have fun too? Cutting-edge companies and leaders know their success depends on exemplary people skills and human resource management. This includes your communication abilities, teambuilding, creativity, motivation, goal setting, time management and innovation.

"You helped us achieve clarity on our objectives, and assisted us in unearthing and addressing issues that were roadblocks to their achievement. I found your one-to-one interviewing process particularly valuable, both in terms of identifying individual concerns and establishing an excellent framework for facilitating our team sessions.... Please be assured that when opportunities arise to recommend your services we will do so enthusiastically and without reservation.... Thank you again for your sage advice, insightful analysis, and commitment to our team."
Helder Sebastio, Principal, Telecom Valley Marketing

Problems You Can Get Help With:
  • Executive coaching: you are not being effective with your career and employees
  • Goal setting: as a sales person you are not meeting your quotas
  • Time management: as an executive, you are not enjoying your job because you are working too many hours
  • Teambuilding: You have poor communication and collaboration in teams
  • Human resource management: you can't find and keep top talent
  • Teambuilding: your employee morale and commitment is low
Benefits You'll Enjoy from our Work Together:
  • Goal setting: You can achieve remarkable growth in your business
  • Teambuilding: increase your employee motivation, pride and productivity
  • Time management: you'll develop strategies to work smarter and manage time
  • Human resource management: find top talent and reduce turnover
  • Teambuilding skills: expand your leadership and team building skills
  • Time management: achieve work-life balance
  • Goal setting: accomplish your personal and career goals five times faster
  • Executive coaching: discover your strengths and how to maximize them
  • Executive coaching: manage change for greater effectiveness and buy-in
  • Human resource management: develop teambuilding skills

"Sabrina has been coaching me for a year. RBT's sales goals have been met and exceeded. The results from our work together helped me focus on effective and efficient ways to increase my business without increasing my stress. I highly recommend Sabrina to anyone needing an executive coach."
Sarah Reeves, President, Reeves Business Training

Results & Profits Clients Have Reported:
  • 80% of our customers report increasing their productivity 20% to 60% within six months of working with us.
  • The average client increased their income 20% or more within 4 months
  • Sales professionals show annual increase of revenues of 20% to 35% in 6 months
Breakthrough Learning Techniques You'll Enjoy

The cutting edge tools that accelerate adult learning I use with you and staff to maximize, positive change, learning and increased retention include: games and simulations, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Thought Field Therapy and custom designed programs for the needs of your team.

I have over 26 years expertise and study in human resource management, goal Setting, time management and executive coaching and have the know-how and experience to spark the genius in you and your groups. I teach people how-to ignite their brainpower and apply it in a fun and innovative ways that maximizes learning and retention.

Call me at 707-576-7776 and see for yourself why we are a smart choice.
Why You Should Choose Sabrina Braham?
I am a highly experienced executive coach, facilitator, consultant, teambuilding expert and motivational speaker. Since 1978, my team and I have brought years of expertise to hundreds of private and public organizations. I am comfortable with executives, line managers and support personnel.

I am dedicated to inspiring you to transform your organizations from good to great.

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